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Eid Al Adha greetings from BITDNA

We wish you a blessed and prosperous Eid Al Adha spent with your family and friends.

In Feasting Day, Aug 11, 2019

We are Startups Supporter

There are lot of things we do in the past, at the very beginning BITDNA are only startup where it’s only a few people are work with us and we only have a few capital in our bank accou...

In What's New, Startups, Jul 21, 2019

Good bye Himagz!

One of our product that at the very beginning for blog, and day by day, month by month it became more popular. But today we decided to take down our product which is it’s far more tha...

In What's New, Jul 21, 2019

BITDNA partnership with Shopify

Friday are such a big moment for us, that we are partnership with Shopify. Shopify are the leading ecommerce hosted platform in the market, with reliable, secure, and robust.

In What's New, Partnership, Jul 19, 2019

System Integrator Services

Today we are extending our services to System Integrator or known as SI, In decades we have been serve varies system integrations area for Banking, Financial Technology, Electronics, ...

In What's New, Jul 13, 2019

Framing a Sales Call to Overcome Your Prospects' Objections

Why should I buy from you? Why should I buy your product? Why should I choose your solution?

In Sales, Tips, Jun 10, 2019

Join our affiliates program

Back in the days where we depending our leads sources to Google Ads Networks, and then we got some leads from words of mouth of our services which is we only accepted a few friends of...

In What's New, Jun 01, 2019

7 Reasons Customer Service Is Important to Your Business

When your business is on a low budget, there are probably several areas that come in high priority when allocating funds. Of course, your product team could use some financial assista...

In Customer Service, Tips, May 31, 2019

What, Why, and Terminology Startups ?

A startup is a venture that is initiated by its founders around an idea or a problem with a potential for significant business opportunity and impact. Often the actual development sta...

In Startups, May 29, 2019

The most popular programming languages used by the world’s largest unicorn startups

Software development tools are the backbone of today’s startups. That’s why it’s worth a look at the most-used programming languages, databases, and frameworks that the companies use ...

In Startups, May 05, 2019

Welcome to BITDNA Blog

First thing first Welcome to BITDNA Blog, this blog are intended for sharing our news, tips around technology, and also this blog are will become our publications about our Programs, ...

In What's New, May 01, 2019