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Good bye Himagz!

Anastasia Anastasia Jul 21, 2019 · 1 min read
Good bye Himagz!
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One of our product that at the very beginning for blog, and day by day, month by month it became more popular. But today we decided to take down our product which is it’s far more than our profits projection this year. For us there are several reasons instead not just being profitable:

  1. In the market there are a lot of competition that makes us need to keep up with the market needs
  2. Competition and keep with the market are needs a lot of money for us to expanding our features like an AI that able to keep posted automatically when some of our target website are posted new article
  3. Our exchange rates are far more than expensive. Since we lived in Indonesia our exchange rates to USD are being more unrealistic nowadays
  4. All of the infrastructure we hosted for Himagz.com are in AWS SGP Region and which is it wasn't fixed pricing instead we pay them in the minutes/hourly

Least but not least we released this blog are intended to replace Himagz, so it more centralizing an article we released. We would like to say thank you very much to himagz.com readers for a couple years was supported Himagz until yesterday.

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