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Anastasia Anastasia Jun 01, 2019 · 1 min read
Join our affiliates program
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Back in the days where we depending our leads sources to Google Ads Networks, and then we got some leads from words of mouth of our services which is we only accepted a few friends of our Founder, And then we realize how powerful it is using affiliates network.

And then now we are open to public using Google Forms for you to apply as our affiliates, The reason why we only published thru the Google Forms that we were validating our applicant affiliates, we are looking for long term commitment instead short term.

We are using machine learning to analyze for instance are you suitable as our affiliates or not, and how much you able to refer some customers, and many others.

If we accepted you as our partner you will receive Affiliates ID that you need to remember as we do validation when you’re refer some customer to us.

Our commission fee based on percentage and depending of our big is it the project scope we are doing, Mostly our affiliates are receive commission 5% - 20% either one time or monthly, but again it’s depend on the project condition for furthermore discussion.

If you’re interested to join our affiliates program, please kindly to fill this form affiliates registration

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