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We are Startups Supporter

Anastasia Anastasia Jul 21, 2019 · 1 min read
We are Startups Supporter
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There are lot of things we do in the past, at the very beginning BITDNA are only startup where it’s only a few people are work with us and we only have a few capital in our bank account. But then we received only a few projects at that time, during 2010 back then our Founder itself are our engineer, wrote the code, do soft selling, pitching to customer, calculate some amount of for our projects.

And we are the only one in the market software house or creative agency has a program for Startups Supporter

What's that meant?

It’s mean since we are origin from startup we would like to help those startup are needs our help which is definitely raging from create an application, help some resources for software engineer, create a beautiful sales deck or investment deck, dedicated resources software engineer and many others.

In our organizational structure, we still do some things that startups do because we believe that we will not forget where we came from at the beginning

If you’re startup and need whether accelerate your business or product, we’re able provide ranging stacks from Backend Engineers, DevOps, Front-end Engineer, Cloud Orchestrator, and Designer. Contact us for further information and pricing structure

PS: We donate 5% of our profits to our charity program for startups supporter program

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